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Geoengineering is a science whose objective is the manipulation of the environment to counteract global warming. Among the possibilities studied to fight against the greenhouse effect, there is the vaporization by plane of reflective particles in the stratosphere to reflect the rays of the sun.
A project that could resemble the “chemtrails”.

The cobweb-like filaments falling from the sky are directly related to chemtrails.
According to a report by Analytika it was found:
Presence of endocrine disruptors, heavy metals and high levels of aluminium, barium and strontium

Airborne filaments are long thin threads,
sticky and whitish falling from the sky.

Their origin is very probably linked to the contrails visible from the passage of certain jet planes (“chemtrails” in English).

Challenged by several witnesses of fallout from such filaments,
the Analytika center has been studying the organic and inorganic chemical composition of these filaments since 2012.The scientific knowledge acquired since 2012
below) demonstrate that these airborne filaments are indeed a new form of pollution, the observation of which (increasingly frequent throughout the world) remains unexplained.

As evidenced by the various analytical reports presented below,
the presence of many toxic components is now proven in these synthetic filaments:

endocrine disruptors
heavy metals

What are CHEMTRAILS? Proving they EXIST by "CAPTAIN" Joe
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